The Captician Stain Removal Kit

The Captician Stain Removal Kit Contains:


1x 125ml The Captician Stain Remover - Contains at least 25 applications (1 average application = spot cleaning 2 stains and the sweatband.

Eco safe formula with a fresh fragrance that tackles tough water and oil based stains.

Fine misting bottle – Prevents water/tide marks by evenly distributing a fine mist of water without over-wetting your cap

2x Premium Cloths – Durable and absorbent. Made from 100% unbleached organic cotton. Use for stain blotting. 

1x Premium Cap Brush – Tough on dust, gentle on caps. Each brush is handmade in the UK by a 7th generation artisanal brush maker.

Presentation Box –  Keeps all your tools stylishly in one place, ready for action. Each cleaning kit comes inside a beautiful box designed to house your included cleaning tools.