Need to clean your dirty caps without ruining
their colour or shape ?

Looks like you caught us in the act - we’re still building out this website. While we’re working on it, why don’t you read a bit about what we’ve got in the works?

Our new and improved website will include...

New Blog

 Get this - we’re writing tons of new posts filled with tips you can use to get the freshest caps.

 Cap Care Products

When none of the cap cleaners I tried worked, I manufactured my own. But juicy secrets have a way of getting out. Due to popular demand The Captician Cap care products will available soon for online purchase.

Video Tutorials

Now you can DIY it! Step-by-step instructions for common problems including sweat stains, odor removal, greasy stains, etc.

Ask The Captician

Need to get mustard off a cap? Dropped it in the toilet? Tell me your crazy cap troubles and I will try to help.

Instagram - @thecaptician