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The Captician Baseball Cap Cleaning Kit For Stains


1x 125ml The Captician Stain Remover - No more worrying about getting your favourite caps dirty!

Fine misting bottle – Now you can clean individual stains without soaking the whole cap! It helps to prevent water/tide marks.

2x Premium Cloths – Durable and absorbent. Made from 100% unbleached organic cotton.

1x Premium Cap Brush – Tough on dust, gentle on caps. Made in the UK using traditional techniques.

Have You Ever?

​Wanted to clean stains from your cap without damaging the colour or shape?

​Given up on removing stains from your cap?

​Had to throw away a ruined cap from a DIY method gone wrong?

...Now you can clean stains easily whilst protecting the shape, colour and fabric.
Wear your caps with pride!

Clean Stains With Ease

Cleans BOTH water and oil-based stains! Have it ready when you need it.

​​Kills bacteria from mucky stains

The Built-in Sanitiser is the perfect way to transform a sweaty cap to one you wear with pride.

Clean your caps whilst protecting the environment

No harmful aerosols here. An eco-friendly formula and 100% recyclable, re-usable packaging.

No-rinse formula saves time & effort

Apply it and leave it! This no-rinse cleaner is fast-acting and easy to use. Blitz your way through a stack of caps in no time!

Want results like this?

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​30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. ​If you’re not satisfied with your cap stain removal kit in the first ​30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Abi - Cap Care Specialist

Creator of The Captician

​I am trained​ fabric cleaner​ (and cap addict), for many years I transformed ​everything from sticky nightclub foot stools to ​oriental rugs.​

....Until, I realised I could apply all the knowledge​ I had learnt along the way​ to solve the problem close to my to clean caps without ruining them.

What started years ago as a project to rescue my own cap collection, became a cap cleaning service helping cap wearers worldwide keep their beloved caps clean.